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At Dance Xpress there are no extra fees for registration, costumes, photos, videos and performances, everything is included in your monthly price.

In addition we never charge for show tickets at any of our shows. This gives you a flat regular fee every month that makes budgeting for dance easier.

For a complete price list please see the schedule page.


All communication will take place via email, telephone or in person. We do not print any paperwork at Dance Xpress other than credit card, medical release and registration forms.

Class Placement

Class placement is at the teachers discretion.  Any dancer may be asked to move to a different class at any time during the year.  Especially during the first few weeks of the first Semester.

Students are placed based on a combination of age, technical ability and individual potential. The dancers age on August 15th each fall will determine their age range for the entire year.

Unless certain circumstances arise, all classes will contain a maximum of 15 students.  During the first weeks of classes, several classes may be very full and we will split those accordingly. Please allow us the first few weeks to get everyone situated properly.

Anyone wishing to compete with a solo is required to be a member of Solo or Elite. Duet/Trios are allowed in Elite only with the director's approval.

Dancers enrolled in Pointe class are invited to take the class when they meet the correct level of technique and placement. Placement is not by age. Pointe dancers are required to take three ballet classes in addition to pointe class. In order to keep up strength and technique, Pointe dancers will be asked to drop the Pointe class should they not meet attendance requirements.






Monthly invoices will be emailed out the first week of the month in PDF form.  All students or parents must have an email address. Invoices will only be sent to a single email address.

Tuition will be due on the 15th of each month and is late on the 1st of the next month.

A $20 late fee is charged for payments made after the 1st of the month.  A student may be asked to sit out of classes if tuition is not paid by the 1st of the month. A $25.00 handling fee will be charged for returned checks.

Tuition will not be discounted for dancers that miss classes. You are welcome to make these missed classes up at another time.

Tuition may be paid by cash, check, money order or Credit/Debit Cards.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover, but only for reoccurring monthly payments.  We do not accept American Express nor can we split the monthly payment between two or more credit cards. 

If you pay by cash, please hand it directly to Tricia in an envelope. The same should apply for money orders. We are not responsible for any missing cash if it is not handed directly to Tricia. When paying tuition by check, please write the students name(s) on the check. 

All fees of any type are non-refundable.


Dance Xpress Videos

Dance Xpress uses Vimeo as our video host. This gives students and families access to high definition videos from a range of devices like TV's, computers, tablets and cell phones.

Videos can be shared with your friends and family without the need to pass around a DVD. You are also welcome to download the video and burn your own DVD. Videos are password protected but do not require you to setup an account unless you want to download the video.

You can access Vimeo from the top of any page on the Dance Xpress website by clicking on the V icon. Dance Xpress does not offer any DVD's for sale.

Dance Xpress Photos

Dance Xpress hires a professional photographer for The Spring Performance. These images will be made available to you free of charge for downloading and printing.

Personal Video and Photo Policy

No personal video taping or photography is permitted at the shows.





General Studio Information 


School Year

August 17th - December 17th - First Semester

January 4th - May 27st - Second Semester

June 1st - 5th - Rehearsals and Shows



Please see the calendar page of this website for dates. Many dates are already for the entire year. If not, please view all pages of the website to make sure information is not in an additional location.


All dancers will be given two excused absences per semester.  You may choose to make these up if you wish.  Any absences missed after the second absence must be made up.  Too many missed classes affect the other students in the class as well as choreography.  You will need to email Tricia for a makeup time if needed.  If you have questions in regard to how many classes you have missed, please ask Tricia.

If you need to miss a class for any reason, we ask that you please email us or call and leave a message so that we can prepare properly.  We reserve the right to dismiss a student from the studio if attendance becomes a problem except in the case of an extended illness. 

Missed classes will not be refunded. 

All classes may be canceled twice per semester by the instructor without a makeup if a substitute teacher is not available to take that class.  Anything beyond that will be made up.

Bad weather days may not be made up.  See Weather section of this document.

The teacher/director reserves the right to change the calendar and rehearsals schedules as needed.  We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. 

Bad Weather

Tricia will email or text message all students scheduled to attend on a bad weather day. If LISD has closed or released early more than likely Dance Xpress will close. Not all bad weather classes will be made up.

Dress Rehearsals

There is a mandatory rehearsal Friday night before the Nutcracker Performances.  There are 3 days of rehearsals prior to the Spring Performance.  These are also mandatory. You will be given details on these rehearsals closer to the shows.

Private Lesson Cancellations

Cancellation for private lessons must be made 24 hours in advance.  Failure to cancel may result in a charge for that missed private. The instructor reserves the right to change private lesson times.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

A conference may be scheduled at any time based on the parents and the teachers schedules.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please email Tricia to set up an appointment.



Studio Conduct

All students should be polite, courteous and encouraging to all dancers at all levels as well as their instructors.  Students may be asked to leave the studio if conduct is deemed unacceptable.  

Food and drinks are permitted in the lobby areas of the studio only.  Please make every effort to keep the studio neat and clean.

Pets of any type are not allowed in the studio.

NO GUM IN THE STUDIO.  Please dispose of your gum before entering the studio.  This is also for safety reasons. 


Drop off and Pickup

Please do not wait outside for your ride to pick you up.  For your safety, please stay in the lobby of the studio.  Please let a teacher know when you are leaving.  If no one is up front, please open the dance room door and announce who is there to pick you up so Tricia will know.

Students may be dropped off early at any time as long as they do not disrupt any classes.  Please make sure that Tricia knows that you will be arriving early so she can let the other instructors know as well. 

Students may stay as late as needed provided it is not past the last class time of the day.  Please do not assume Tricia has additional privates or classes scheduled after your last class. To be safe you can check the schedule on the website. If you are not there on time, Tricia will take your dancer home with her and you may pick your dancer up from Tricia’s home.

Students should be prompt to their classes.  Any student more than 5 minutes late may not attend class.  They may watch if they choose, but this will still count as an absence.  This is for the safety of the dancer as well as respect for classmates and the instructor.  No exceptions will be made.

Other Schools

Students may not attend another dance school while they are attending classes at Dance Xpress.  Students should be respectful to their teacher and classmates by studying at one studio by recognizing that many studios have different teaching styles.  We reserve the right to ask any student to leave the studio if they are attending another dance school.

The same policy applies to choreography.  Dance Xpress choreography may not be cleaned by another instructor without the permission of Tricia.  Students may not ask other choreographers to choreograph for them outside the studio. 

Parents should contact Tricia directly regarding any questions or problems that present themselves.  All instructors at Dance Xpress have been advised to interrupt Tricia's classes if they are confronted for any reason.  Meetings should not be held without Tricia present.  This insures that there are no misunderstandings between director, teachers, parents and the students. 


Dance Xpress follows the LISD Calendar. Please see the link at this top of this page for holidays.  Holidays are also listed on the calendar page of this website as we are not closed for every LISD holiday. The calendar should be your “go to” source. If you have questions about studio closings for holidays, please contact us.

Lost and Found

Dance Xpress does not keep all items in its Lost and Found for extended periods of time.  If the items are unclaimed, they will be donated to an organization who can use them.  Please make sure that all items have your name listed in them.

Dance Xpress is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.